• nuclear power plants,
    • nuclear and radiation safety,
    • nuclear fuel cycle,
    • processing and storage of radioactive waste,
    • conventional power plants, steam gas power plants, boiler houses, heat exchanger stations,
    • construction and commissioning of industrial plants,
    • commissioning of equipment after reconstruction and repairs,
    • decommissioning of power plants,
    • technical and fire protection safety,
    • safeguard systems,
    • translation of technical documents,
    • quality assurance systems,
    • leasing of the qualified workers and engineers,
    • leasing of the office rooms.

Construction and commissioning of the plants:

    • cooperation with the state authorities at permitting process and construction of industrial facilities,
    • preparation the compliance certificates of the equipment,
    • evaluation and selection of suitable suppliers,
    • checking quality and progress of works at manufacturer’s facilities,
    • project management during construction and commissioning of industrial plants,
    • computerised planning and progress evaluation,
    • delivery and erection of the plants on turnkey basis,
    • rinsing and flushing of equipment after erection,
    • elaboration of commissioning programs,
    • performance of state authorities functional tests of technological systems,
    • management of the trial tests,
    • periodical tests of equipment under operation,
    • issuing protocols for tests done,
    • elaboration of operational documentation.

Engineering services:

    • solutions for non-standard operational states,
    • surveillance programmes,
    • regular functional tests of the important operational plants
    • safety reports,
    • expert analyses and studies,
    • crisis management at failures and accidents of the technological systems,
    • development and implementation of the quality assurance systems,
    • quality systems audits,
    • elaboration of technical documents, databases and diagrams,
    • provision of qualified workers, technicians and engineers for other companies.

Translation and interpretation – for our core business partners only:

    • translation of technical documentation from Slovak/Czech to English and vice versa,
    • interpretation – English to Slovak.